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One of the great benefits of being a doctor is the development of geographically transportable skills.
Trained doctors are often in demand in other countries, and many will consider working overseas - at least temporarily - at some point in their medical career.
Medical Employment Australia is a highly focused medical recruitment agency providing doctors with the opportunity to work in some of the world's leading teaching hospitals and medical institutions.

It is important to us that we help you gain new skills and insights by matching you with the right medical post.

We have built a growing business by giving our candidates unparalleled support before, during and after securing a new medical position, leaving you free to work, learn, and live!


Most Up To Date Information About Current Medical Jobs

Medical Employment Australia

We not only want you to succeed but to expand your abilities. We have the most up to date information about current medical jobs. You can choose where, when and for how long you want to work.

Medical Employment Australia can help you secure permanent or locum doctor jobs in Australia. We help you achieve local registration and smooth the process of settling in and working in Australia.

We have accumulated many years' experience in medical recruitment. Our team includes internal consultants who have worked in all areas of healthcare services. They bring a wide range of expertise to assessing and understanding your requirements.

Our exceptional level of service sets the standard within the medical recruitment industry.
Our competitors and our clients praise Medical Employment Australia for the comprehensive service we provide in finding the best doctor for the job, whatever it is.

To work in Australia you MUST hold current registration in the Australian state that you wish to work. Each state in Australia has its own registration board however a national body is being introduced in 2010 for most professions. Please join Medical Employment Australia for more information.

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Medical Employment Australia is a medical and locum recruitment agency.

We specialise in placing overseas doctors in area of need locations for employment and can recommend immigration matters.

There are many opportunities for employment as a Medical Doctor throughout Australia in many beautiful locations.


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